Top Secret


Lately you're never home, you're always busy, I feel so lazy
You just call to say, "I'm sorry, I'm still at work"
When we first got together, the time we shared seemed forever
Maybe I was wrong, it's only a love song
When I walk down the street, one thing is clear, the girls come near
It's my Top Secret, no, you'll never know it
They are all waitin' for me stop and ask if they are free
But something tells me no, and sadness grows

- I just called the girl I used to know
@ Someone I knew long time ago
@ I felt my heart beatin' so fast
@ I can hardly last 'tii she picked up the phone

Same ol' tender voice came thru my ear
She hasn't changed for all these years
We laughed as we talked thru the night
While you were out of sight
But, I must confessc Oh darlin', you're the best

All my friends said no; that you're too old for me to control
It's my Top Secret, they all heard the rumors
As they say, the more you fight, the love will grow strong and tight
Even tabloid paper makes up better

Baby how can we go on like this
We even have no time to kiss
Sometimes I just feel like it's over
You need me no longer, then I see your smile

I'll be here to hold you anytime,
Only if you'll send me the sign
Tu lu-lu-lu, telephone ringing so late in the evening
Well, it must be youc Guess you'll be late againc