Goddess of the Stones


Once I ruled the darkened tides of time,
Then through the Eternal Night on a shore of stars
I rode the dim light of the
ancient soul that pulsing generates life.
On crystal seas and mountain slopes,
In stony whombs and depths of hope
I felt the presence of Her life,
Her secret soul, her scent of myst.
(Oh great father of darkness, in thee I rejoin as I once did
Cover me with thy enchanted spell
And let the age of fire and fog come again
Let the sun forever fade in the blazing shapes of dusk.)
Thou silvestral spirit enlight the forest's dark
Inside thy stony circle does the silent night
Become thy ancient rite.
....And when the tree of death shalt cover the feud
with its cold fingers, In the last breathe of the
dying day, Her soul shalt come for vegeance.
I don't fear the light inside my ancient realm,
Where darkness feeds the sons of eden's fall.
Silent goddess of the stones
Thy face reveals in darkness
In distant echoes passes through ancient paths of Elven.
Evil mask on a throne of justice
By moonlight dressed her skin
In silver drops the endless night condenses on thy
Sacred tree.
Dark Winter, cold as ice thou freeze our hearts.
In the loyal pact we once took beneath an ebony sky
Thou silent stand to see the human decay.
The goddess now rises from the pages of past,
The darkest of winters shalt now overcast...
Silent, thou vigil stand still, like snow falls in Winter
The stone of silense stands deep in our hearts
The brothers of North now rise into the Eternal Night.